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Science-Driven Performance Fuel

Whether you're a high-level competitor or just getting started, the world refers to gamers as athletes. The problem is there wasn’t anything on the market that would help you - the gaming athlete - perform, maintain, and recover your body in and out of each gaming session.

We conducted an analysis of the neurochemistry of gaming and after countless hours of research, we dentified six key neuroscientific factors that create high level performance, precision, and enjoyment.

Gaming State Of Mind


Physical, mental, and emotional energy are the three keystones that make up the foundation for achieving the next level in your performance.


The quicker you can react, the faster you can send your opponent packing. When you’re two steps ahead of your opposition at all times, they’ll have to spend their own energy simply trying to catch up.


High-level focus such as being able to selectively hone in for a sustained period of time consumes ample amounts of energy. Even the best gamers find themselves drained without the proper fuel focusing on their competition.

FLOW (Your Brain's Most Productive State)

Flow refers to that feeling of being completely locked-in, focused, creative — and dominant. Flow is the state of “in the zone”. Being able to get into that state in the first place is one thing; staying in it is even more difficult.


Whether it's a long-range sniper shot, a Hail Mary, or a coordinated team movement, being able to deliver when the pressure is on is game-changing. You'll usually need to sacrifice some speed to increase your accuracy.


The ability to recognize and process relationships between objects plays a crucial part in every kind of game. Coordinating eye movements and razor-sharp cognition, the best gamers see patterns where the rest of us simply see objects.


The K1 team has been behind the development of some of the most critically acclaimed performance supplements of the last 15 years. Using cutting-edge neuroscience research and over 50 active ingredients that have undergone our rigorous scrutiny, we developed a complete supplementation system to help gamers like you reach their highest potential.

3 Most Important Aspects To
High-Level Competition

The problem today with most products on the market is they only focus on one aspect of the gamer. They only provide an energy product for “pre” and “intra” competition. They don’t account for the other two critical components of gaming.

The three elements to playing at one’s peak potential are performance, recovery, and maintenance. When these three elements are carefully taken into account, your body and mind become elevated and enhanced during gaming experience.

The world’s top athletes don’t just show up on gameday and compete. They are constantly in the gym maintaining their health or doing a variety of recovery exercises. The same goes for gamers, they alike must take care of their recovery and maintenance as well as staying on top of performance.

Element 1: Performance

Taking into account psychological, neurological, physical, and pharmacological considerations we created a formula to maximize your performance and boost key traits like precision, speed, accuracy, and focus.

Element 2: Recovery

Gaming can stress the body and mind. And without proper recovery, your next session, you might not be as sharp. Using our Recharge formula will help you recuperate and repair faster so that you can always come back at your best.

Element 3: Maintain

Exposure to blue light has been shown to cause eye strain and eye fatigue, along with interfering with your ability to get restful, restorative sleep. Our daily maintenance product helps maintain the health of your eyes and mitigate the harmful effects of blue light so you can worry less about your eyes and more about your performance.

A Complete System For Any Gaming Level
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