Our formulations were developed specifically for GAMERS -- from the casual, chill player to the hardcore competitive pro, and everyone in between.

We wanted to offer a better option for those who rely on what's mostly on the market: Poor energy drink choices that are:

  • Low-tech
  • Overly flavored
  • Highly caffeinated
  • Overly-hyped
  • Deceptively marketed
  • Low efficacy

Many of these are popular just "because" millions of dollars have been poured into marketing efforts, not because they actually work.

Or, maybe one of your favorite gamers promote a specific brand, but there isn't anything really exceptional about them. You don't notice anything different than when you drink coffee or any other basic energy drink.

K1 is All About the Sophisticated Application of the Best Available Scientific Data

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The K1 system is intelligently crafted by the same team who has developed some of the most acclaimed, highest-rated, and respected performance supplements in the industry over the last decade and a half. We took time to carefully research, screen, and analyze the bioactive ingredients that can help support and create an elite gamer.

Our pure focus is taking a gamer from "good" to "great", "great to exceptional", and "exceptional" to the "best".

The Gaming State of Mind

Our scientists, doctors, and product developers dove into THAT state of mind --the one that's needed to MAKE an eSport champion. We've mapped out the Nueroscience of Gaming, which is necessary to help gamers reach and maintain peak performance.

(Insert Graphic: highlighting the aspects of "The Nueroscience of Gaming" and associate it with a similar image as follows -- Attention (arrow towards his head), Visual Information (arrow toward his eye), Neurospeed/Reaction (arrow to hand) -- etc. Boxes are to be expandable with detailed info to be included within each of the key items)

1) Attention (sustained & selective) -- selectively concentrating on one thing, while ignoring other things. It is the gateway to other aspects of cognition (memory, executive function, decision making, etc.) Attention is also one of the most "energetically expensive" of the brain functions that needs to be fueled by the right nutrients.

2) Visual Information Processing/Visuospatial -- a person's capacity to identify visual and spatial relationships among objects. Visuospatial ability is measured in terms of the ability to imagine objects, to make global shapes by locating small components, or to understand the differences and similarities between objects. Visuomotor integration is dependent upon efficient control of eye movements, adequate vision, and the ability to plan the motor act and carry out the required motor skill.

3) Neurospeed/Reaction Time -- allows for enhanced reaction time (complex and simple) under duress/stress, distracting environment, or at rest/stillness. The average eSport pro players usually retire in their early to mid-twenties because capacity decreases substantially.

4) Accuracy -- ability to hit a target or value. Typically there is a speed-accuracy tradeoff (they are in a tug of war/reciprocal relationship), so best gamers can minimize this mismatch or gap and keep accuracy relatively high despite speed.

5) Precision -- The gamer/players consistency or reproducibility of their actions (shooting in FPS game), reproducing same type of strike in fighting games, or same area of goal (basket, net, fence, player target) in sports games, pattern recognition when presented with same pattern in role playing/ Real Time Strategy games or complex MOBA multiplayer online battle arenas.

6) Creative & Performance Flow -- ability to immerse & become engaged in the task/challenge at hand.

Our research revealed that in order to get gamers into the "Flow-State" it takes fueling the mind and body with the right nutrients. Those that boost energy and increase focus without driving the adrenal and nervous systems into panic mode, or making you feel like you're going to jump out of your skin without the jitters.

The eSport athlete's mind is where the magic lies -- where true stardom is forged, tested, and honed in on every second of gameplay.