eSports, Gaming, Supplementation, Competition, Advertising, all of it will grow with or without us. There’s no question about that. 

But what if… what if we can become a part or the greater story. A positive part. 

What if we focused all of our research, energy, time, and money on creating true impact — one player, one game, one story at a time?

What if we’re able to help a player who’s riding the emotional rollercoaster of trying to “stay up” and starting to feel better, while doing what they love?

What if we’re able to help a player or team who no one knows about yet… someone or many someones who become champions?

What if we’re able to help an up and coming content creator or streamer get off whatever unhealthy BS they’re using to pump content everyday (the sugary/caffeinated drinks and dangerous uppers) and help them feel better about themselves because they’re doping what’s right by their mind and body?

We may not get rich, but we’ll be sure as heck feel great about what we’re fighting for… and that’s enough to get fired up every morning… to go fight the good fight.

Wine or lose. 

Life’s just a game, right?