By the time this thing is all said and done, there’s one thing that’s for sure: We’re going to create a shitload of stories — some big, some small — all great.

The types of stories that change lives. The ones that books are written about — the great movies humanity is inspired by.

To be great at anything requires a personal choice. It’s a decision and a promise.

Greatness requires passion. 

Passion requires struggle, repetition, sacrifice, consistent effort, losses, defeats, lessons, breakthroughs — all of it.

This type of effort requires energy, focus, willpower, determination, and that desire to be great.

We put all of this into K1, and we did it to support individuals like us — the dreamers, the achievers, the big goal setters, the fighters, the creators, the players who all aspire for more.

K1 is a system designed to create peak performance while elevating the neurological and biological requirements one needs to sprint towards your goals – every day — relentlessly.