No BS. No Creative Hype. 

Just synchronicity and timing. 

An athlete, a scientist, and a soldier — all gamers — all at different entrepreneurial crossroads — all passionate about human optimization — all relying on different combinations of supplement stacks to support life. Plus there’s work and the merry go-round of our personal worlds.

We took a hard look at the costs of the “healthier” supplementation stacks we were relying on to stay “up” — the overhyped “stuff” that was being marketed, sold and bought for no other reason than “It's what’s available.” Our discussions and brainstorming and decided to take on the challenge of charting a new course and bringing to market the most comprehensive and healthy formulas specifically designed for gamers and the challenges you face. 

Maybe we’re crazy, but there’s one thing that’s for sure - there’s zero quit in any of us and we’re 100% okay with pissing people off… by doing what is right.

Pure focus on the Player!