We created K1 to change lives — from the Casual Gamer to the Driven Competitor to the Content Creator to the Creative Game Designer. To anyone looking for an edge. To help you do what you do… but better.

The K1 team has been through a lot in life — we’ve had our ups and downs, wins and losses. And because of our sometimes intense experiences, the thought of giving back was one of the first things on our minds as a team.

There are many great causes out there and so many different types of organizations doing positive things, some of which we haven’t looked at or learned about yet.

We have big plans for making a positive impact within the world of gaming and eSports. We’ve chosen the following organizations with their just causes as our first initial partners to support as we grow:

  1. Cause 1
  2. Cause 2
  3. Cause 3

If you know of a cause or group that we should become aware of, please let us know. We are committed to expanding upon what we’re doing.

Once we’ve created the amount of stories we’re focused on creating, there’s no telling how far we can reach.