March 25, 2020 7 min read

What does Physical Performance & Healthier Habits have to do with my Gaming Performance?

Turns out... quite a bit. 

Elite level gameplay requires elite level habits. 

For the talented players who've already experienced a 'pinnacle achievement', hoisted a championship trophy or bear-hugged an over-sized check... you should probably continue reading or share this article with your coach.

The fires have been lit and there are millions of up and coming players around the world, preparing to take what's yours. 

This article is the first of many to come... within our Gaming Performance Series. 
Where we'll be covering the latest neuroscience, training, technology and cognitive optimization hacks that you'll want to take mental notes of, while creating your own personal blueprint, of what you recognize - works best for you. 

Congratulations. It’s official, eSports players are increasingly being recognized as 'official athletes'. Some may argue this - but we believe it became official the moment that first eSports tournament was held.

Fun Fact: October 19, 1972, the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University organized the world's first eSports tournament, the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics. 

Great name, right? 

Now that this movement of eSports has been commercialized, the future has the potential to be as amazing as the name of the first tournament. 

  • Larger Bounties 
  • Greater Accolades
  • Daily Streaming
  • More Exposure

You are not just a "gamer" anymore, you're a bonified brand... and an amplifier for any brand who'd love to have you market or promote theirs. 

All of this - leads to more competitors, all thinking harder and more strategically about how to gain a competitive edge. 

Input = Output

It's still amazing to us how many people haven't figured out how horrible these energy drinks are for our bodies. 

Since we're introducing a line of true performance-enhancing products - to disrupt this light dimming movement that started a long time ago - we're going to start right here. 

If you didn't know - you will now. We plan on doing our part to help deprogram the numb. 

According to Rene Pinkera, who is a World Champion for World of Warcraft, stated in an interview about esports training practice, "You always see opponents with energy drinks and other beverages that are loaded with sugar, people who don't watch what they eat.” And with this practice of loading the mind and body with crazy levels of sugar and caffeine comes a mix of short-lived energy, the jitters, and exhausting lows. 

The Unfortunate Truth of Energy Drinks:

But, thankfully the standards of practice are beginning to change by gamers wanting to push their mental capacities to new heights and becoming informed about healthy diets and the right training.

Just as top athletes train rigorously for competition, gamers can and should be training their minds and bodies to work together to achieve optimal performance.  

In the following paragraphs, we have outlined the necessary steps and a specific training regime for gamers to achieve their highest level of physical and cognitive performance.

#1 - Exercise Is a Must for Gaming Success

It all begins with understanding the science behind the mind-body connection and its influence on performance. Recent research shows that there is a defined relationship between the two when it comes to high-intensity situations and athletic performances, and it’s currently being applied in the realm of E-Sports. 

Reaction time, focus and accuracy are fundamental aspects of gaming. In the world of gaming (especially professional gaming) scientists and researchers have been working hard to evaluate and define the mental and physical aspects of gaming. And with that comes recommendations for improving “athletic” ability. 

Throughout history, gamers have tended to be less physically active than recommended, but the “new” gamer/pro understands the importance of physical activity and its connection to mental fitness and endurance. Our daily actions and activities are processed on a cellular level, first by our Mitochondria - the “powerhouses' ' of our cells - who begin to multiply the more our bodies are strained.  

This process is called biogenesis- and it not only affects our muscles and tendons but affects our cognitive functions as well. The increased energy levels from biogenesis allow our minds to focus better from higher levels of focus and sustained energy.

Plus,physical exercise releases endorphins in the brain which help reduce stress and fatigue, two factors that can skew mental performance. 

Top eAthletes rely on a steady fitness routine to increase their effectiveness and speed up their reflexes while gaming. (Link to related blog article --For how to create and maintain a healthy fitness routine, read here.)

#2 - Establish a Stretching or Yoga Routine

A healthy and flexible mind requires a body that’s loose, especially when things get intense during gaming sessions. We strongly recommend establishing a regular stretching and/or yoga practice.

If you’d like to stretch in the comfort of your home, you can create a simple routine that includes a mix of Angle Rolls, Sit-to-Stands, Side Reaches, Scapular Retractions, and Neck Rolls. These exercises can have a great impact on your agility and reaction time when playing.

#3 - Gain a Better Understand of the Neuroscience of Gaming

Become a student of the Neuroscience of Gaming so that you can better understand the dynamics that come into play surrounding reaction time, energy, and attention. 

Put simply, our bodies utilize a synergetic system for optimizing and sustaining gaming performance, high-level skill adaptation, and longevity. One of the most important aspects of this system is getting into “flow state,” a neurological condition recognized as the deepest level of creativity, focus, and immersion in the game at hand.

The concept “State of Flow” was coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and it describes the primed neurophysiologic state of being completely immersed in the activity at hand. When this occurs anxiety decreases, the mind becomes calmer, and your excellence can shine through. In order for this to happen, it’s vital that you prime your mind, body, and nervous system on a daily basis.

This is where a mix of stretching, exercise, practice, and nutrition comes into the mix. Ignore these aspects, and it’s nearly impossible to get into a flow state and stay there.

#4 - Fuel Your Mind and Body with the Right Nutrients 

There are some gamers that magically have the powers to get into the flow state naturally. However, most of us need some help and understand the importance of nutrients that can boost cognition, response time, and focus.

These nutrients can be found in K1 Exploit. It supports the neurochemistry of entering a Flow State more reliably and sustainably while helping to improve skill level and engagement in the games you love.

#5 - Understand the Difference Between Healthy Sources of Energy Versus Artificial

Our microbiome, the hosts of bacteria that live in our gut, are responsible for almost 80 percent of our immune systems. These colonies of bacteria also have a powerful connection to our minds.GI problems can have a huge impact on focus, reaction time, mood, and anxiety levels

You should strongly consider adopting a diet rich in whole foods such as fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and organic meats. You can also consider a KETO diet, which is effective in decreasing body fat and increasing energy levels. These healthy sources of energy can help improve strategic thinking skills and lessen fatigue. 

Lastly, supplementation is a key component to a healthy diet, especially for avid gamers and pros (or really anyone who has a need to concentrate for extended periods of time). Of course, there is an overwhelming number of supplements on the market, even those specifically designed for gamers. 

Our research has revealed that the following nutrients are a must for gamers before, during, and after they game. This is why we’ve developed a Force Multiplying System with K1 that focuses on every aspect of brain and eyes nutrition that gamers need to thrive. 

For Increased Energy, Focus, and Stamina

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Improves mood, learning, and memory.
  • TeaCrine: A natural stimulant, that increases energy without an increase in heart rate.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: AmaTea:This super leaf contains antioxidants and caffeine for natural increase of energy.
  • Kava Kava: A Pacific Island crop that increases feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Helps increase learning rate, memory consolidation, visual memory processing, and reduce anxiety.
  • L-theanine: Found in green tea, enhanced and sustained attention, decrease in heart rate/anxiety, reaction time.
For Recovery
  • Betaine: Amino acid, improves athletic performance and boosts the immune system.
  • PrimaVie (Shilajit Extract): A natural substance found in the Himalayas that increases overall fitness, immunity, and memory.
  • NucleoPrime: Improves exercise and endurance, while aiding recovery.
  • Alpha-GPC: Increases mental performance.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Significantly reduces fatigue.

For Eye Support
  • Lutemax® 2020 Marigold Flower Extract - Clinical doses for serious gamers provides three critical macular pigments (Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-zeaxanthin) to the most important portion of the retina, where they filter out high-energy blue light and UV light to quench free-radical induced oxidative stress that can harm your eyes.
  • AstaReal® Astaxanthin + CellBerry® Aronia Berry Extract + Bilberry Extract– Loaded with some of the most potent signaling anthocyanins and carotenoids for stopping oxidative stress, contrast, and glare sensitivity in its tracks, it also helps increase the visual processing speed that eSports players thrive on. It’s also been clinically proven to improve capillary blood flow, accommodation speed, and sharper vision.
  • Essential Micronutrients beta-Carotene (pro-Vitamin A) + Selenium + Vitamin C + Vitamin E (Natural Mixed Isomers) + Zinc– Vitamin and mineral cofactors to key enzymes protect the eyes, body, and brain while helping to process and carry active Vitamin A (retinol/retinal) to eye tissue. This helps slow down cellular aging, boosts tear production and improves blood vessel health.

Last Words…

It’s a gamers world. There’s a reason why the gaming market is growing by leaps and bounds and why a growing number of gamers are starting to do more than just play and compete. If you’re going to rank with the best of them, it’s important that you think outside of the box. Fuel your mind and body with what it needs to reach and maintain peak performance.
Jennifer Engevik
Jennifer Engevik

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