May 06, 2020 3 min read

The Top Gaming Memes of 2020: K1's favorites so far...

I am a meme hunter by day. And I am the gamer who never puts the pads down at night. The only time they are down is when I am laughing at funny, silly, and witty memes dished out into the digital sphere by fellow gamers. If you can’t resist a good laugh, here are some of the top funny gaming memes of 2020.

  1. The unworthy opponent

Turns out this is an actual line in the game.

This, like many other dialogues from the Paper Mario, is a meme in itself. No more imagination needed for meme creators when Snifit goes out of the way with creativity to belittle Luigi. I find such funny gaming memes to be a source of laughter every time I am collapsing under the pressure of the game.

  1. James Harden on Defense

James Harden was once the defensive juggernaut. But now he has to focus on the offense as his team needs him to. The lack of effort and practice has made him probably one the worst defenders in the league. In NBA 2K, play him, on-ball defender, you will be fine.

  1. Salty flavors on Twitch

The expression that somebody is "salty" has been around since the start of eSports, with the catchphrase beginning in the Fighting Game Community and signifying agitation or envy. I have played with salty individuals. These are the creatures that never accept defeat with grace. Accordingly, Twitch included the act of a PJSALT can plunging out a heap of salt onto the ground as part of their funny gaming memes.

  1. The ungrateful loser

I often play with my sis, and she loses frequently. She has no clue how to utilize crush moves yet, and regularly just spams Pac-Man's side-B. She also only plays on stroll-off maps since she doesn't know how to recoup. She makes the game irritating when she loses, so I always have to find ways to let her dominate in a contest or two without making it self-evident, and this is what happens.

  1. The double life of a gamer

Wonder why I game endlessly? It is because esports is a getaway from my occasionally exhausting and repetitive life. It helps me to put on the shoes of a warrior and pursue the high of weapons and the rage of battles. After I've had a hard day, I often can't wait to get back home and put on a headset and play a decent game into the night; Action-packed games are my top picks since I get sucked into the game's reality and disregard everything around me.

What's more, when I finally complete a decent game, I get a feeling that is difficult to rival. Gaming makes you feel significant; like you have accomplished something right. That is why I remain in the flow, I keep myself invigorated and find games and opponents that challenge me to the max.

  1. The murderous untitled goose

The 2019's Untitled Goose game allows you to play as a goose whose sole reason for existing is to mess around with the individuals in its way. The game is exceptional. It has great mechanics and wonderful looks, and the endless Untitled Goose memes made it explode in fame among even the non-gaming crowds. Just go online now, and you will see a torrential slide of images around this game's memes.

The best of them is "Peace was never a choice." This image is pulled from the best line in a tense scene from X-Men: First Class. Different pictures surfaced highlighting the message with various creatures, for example, one where a chicken menacingly remains on an axe. Just recently gamers replaced the chicken with the main goose, taking the joke to a whole new level.

There may never be a clarification with regards to why the goose is so angry towards people. Just don't mess around with angry geese.

If you are scavenger for funny gaming memes like me, the above should give you a start, and a good laugh that fuels you through the night.

Emma Olson
Emma Olson

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