May 06, 2020 3 min read

Funny Gaming Memes: "There's...Too Many Of Them!!"

Okay, this first meme is from a movie, and I made it, so is it funny? Well, to me! So you've got a fix for funny gaming memes, we want to help give it to you, but there are so many to choose from! The gaming community is famous for keeping a good sense of humor when the rest of the world is offended, and honestly that could be something historically relevant in the grand scheme of things. Dank gaming memes are where it's at, we've collected a couple here; following is the list and we'll go through it--know your funny gaming memes!

  1. Will PS5 Pull Its Weight? There's A "Control" Issue...
  2. The Tyrant Is Coming: And He Makes The Nemesis Blush
  3. Hardware Issues
  4. Dank Classics
  1. Will PS5 Pull Its Weight? There's A "Control" Issue...

First and foremost, loading times: do you have all day to wait for some disappointment to download to your device? A lot of gaming systems tend to focus on hardware, aesthetic, or "style" over content and experience. Now I'm not going to mention any names (PS), but there do tend to be some eybrow-raising considerations here. The Chive has a hilarious conglomeration of memes pulling the mask off the reinvented controller design for the PS5. Is it really all that new, or is it kind of just...copying from its peers? Here's my favorite:

  1. Mr. X Is Coming: And He Makes The Nemesis Blush

Dude, the Resident Evil 2 remake that came out for PS4 over the 2019 holiday is epic from like ten different angles. Some brilliant son of a gun coupled the many instances where Mr. X, a recurring "boss" of terror, explodes out of nowhere to cause carnage and make your heart try to bust out of your chest like some spawn of a Xenomorph out of theAlien franchise. This video is NSFW in terms of language and content--Mr. X Gon' Give It To Ya! But it IS safe for laughs. Also, it's pretty notable that the RE:2 remake put the RE:3 remake to shame. Nemesis was so much scarier in the PS1 version of this game than the new one, and that's saying something.

  1. Hardware Issues

This site had a bunch of fun memes, below was my favorite. Console gaming is clearly where it's at if you want customizability, but it's costly, and you've got to be a bit more of a digital "gear-head" to get the job done. Here's a comparison I like to make: gaming on a system from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo is like driving an automatic. PC gaming is like driving a manual. Now here's the deal: if you know how to drive a manual, and you're a gear head, that's clearly the better option. However, part of the fun of a manual car is getting your head under the hood, just like with PC gaming. A lot of people don't have the time, inclination or budget--but some of their favorite games are on such devices! So they'll dabble, and then this happens:

  1. Dank Classics

I love those funny gaming memes which are a bit of a deep cut, and this one doubles down. Not only does it reference one of the godfathers of gaming lore--Sonic himself--but it does so using a traditional comic strip layout. Now I do wish whoever made it colorized the strip, but I get a kick out of it anyway. Had to include this one:

Honorable Mentions

Okay, those were some of my favorite funny gaming memes, but I couldn't resist adding a few more that made me chuckle. I didn't include these in the top four because they weren't quite as pure in terms of gaming, but they'll make you laugh.

Shrooms. They got power. Also, check this link--NSFW.

It's true:

I LOL'ed pretty good:

BAH-hahahaha, savage:


For more memes, energy solutions to fuel your journey, and developing gaming culture, be sure to drop by the K1 homepage! I got a kick out of the memes here; I hope you did, too. These are some of the funniest memes out there, but new ones show up every day, and that's a wonderful thing--thanks for checking these out!

Don't worry, there's more coming... 

Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott

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