May 06, 2020 4 min read

Introducing the new and powerful K1—gaming nootropics for a jolt of healthy energy all day long. For an eSports gamer, that sure sounds like exciting news, right? The Nootropics stack achieves that, but there is more to these supplements.

Apart from just keeping you alert, awake, and attentive, they also bolster your cognitive performance and general health in major ways.

Improve my brainpower, you say?

Yes. The sophisticated supplements work right away, giving you a mental boost that's more than you could ever get from stimulants such as tea or coffee. And that happens without the icky side effects.

As a gamer, you can expect to get into that flow-state where you maintain full attention to the game. You get to anticipate your opponents' moves before they happen. You get an improved ability to think and make fast decisions in the high-stress environment of eSports gaming.

So these supplements keep you up and sharp? But how does that happen?

The new cognitive enhancer helps you stay on top of the game in various ways. First, the supplements help your body to meet the brain's energy demands. The brain is one of the largest energy users in a person's body, and when energy runs low mental fatigue and reduced focus ensue.

Nootropics boost the activities of the mitochondria in the brain cells, and the rest of the body for improved energy production. They also hasten the transport of fatty acid material into the brain cells to fuel its activities. As that happens, the supplements which have strong stimulant characteristics boost circulation so that plenty of oxygen gets to the brain.

Oh, wow! Powerful stuff

And that's just the beginning. By ensuring that your brain gets enough energy, the K1 Nootropics can help you stay alert and active, even when you have to play for 8 hours straight. Apart from increased energy and wakefulness, you can expect some next level fast-thinking abilities.

Here is how it happens. Your brain works by way of neurotransmitters to receive and pass information. These are chemical messengers that play vital roles in thinking, concentration heart rate, breathing, and everything else that pertains to your brain-body relationship.

The Nootropics optimizes your neurotransmitters. The result is a speedy and healthy reception and transmission of brain signals. That makes you a witty player with an elevated tactical prowess and quick reactionary time.

Do you become a better player because of that? Doesn't talent matter a great deal too?

Talent is a big part of what it takes to succeed in eSports. But let's face it, even the super talented come to the end of their abilities some times. What happens when they are tired is that their brain starts to become foggy. Talent can also betray you when your focus and concentration are not consolidated on your gaming action presently.

The K1 brain booster changes the game. Even beginners can get to shine because they stay alert and can see all the cards. And for the talented, the improved focus, memory, and thinking can exponentially improve performance. The K1 Nootropics stack helps to attain that desired state of extreme focus and optimal energy that guarantees winning.

Consistency is what I need. I face ups and downs in my gaming performance levels every day.

That challenge is all too common among eSports gamers. Your daily performance in the game relies not only on your cognitive power but also on your psychological and physical health. The transformative power of the K1 Nootropics trickles down to all these areas.

Psychologically, the stack formulation helps to dissolve anxiety and stress. The supplements boost your dopamine activity leading to enhanced drive and motivation. The Nootropics similarly cancel the effects of cortisol, the stress/anxiety hormone. The result is relaxation and better focus.

Oh, and physically?

On a physical health level, the reason for your fluctuating or lackluster performance could be the use of too much caffeine or energy drinks that contain a high amount of sugars. These are temporary solutions whose positive effects end in just minutes. Their side effects, on the other hand, may last a lifetime.

The K1 stack formulation is based on a gamer's need before, during, and after the game. You can expect, therefore, a pure sustained focus and full recovery. You might also be pleased to learn that the supplements are created from pure plant and animal ingredients. They then go through rigorous testing and trials before they are released for use.

And So?

The supplements don't just boost your cognitive performance. They improve the health of your brain so you can be alert and sharp for many years to come. Here is how they do that:

  • Shielding your brain from the damaging effects of stress
  • Improving your brain's anti-oxidant capacity thereby slowing down the aging process in your brain
  • Helping in the regeneration of new brain cells
  • Improving cerebral blood flow
  • All these health benefits on a physical level lead to a better and sustained performance in the gaming action and other areas of your life.

Are you doctors or game experts?

Success in eSports takes a concerted effort. Players and neuroscientists have to compare notes. Psychologists and physicians have to join the discussion too. These are the teams behind K1. Fascinating. I want to try it.

Emma Olson
Emma Olson

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